Let Me Write For You

Want to have concise creative content across your digital estate?

Over the past two years I have written digital content for many small and medium businesses to help drive business leads to their website, and turn them into customers. I am able to write with a wide range of voices, so that the content appears to have been authored by you. I offer the following digital writing services.


Blog Copywriting

Blogs are the perfect way to share your business profile, opinions, and expertise. They are usually between 500-700 words. You can set the topics and I will turn them into blogs or I will develop blog ideas for you based on your business and target audience. They will be posted across your social media, but housed on your website so they drive traffic back home.

Social Media Copywriting

Depending on the platform, posts accompany a picture, article, blog or video. They are snappy pieces of commentary that get people engaging with your content and following your pages. I can just provide the text, or I can advise on what to post as well.

Web Content Copywriting

From your ‘About Us’ page to the automated responses people receive when they fill in your ‘Contact Form’, your website wording is crucial for transitioning people from follower to customer. Whether you’re just starting your website or the existing content needs a revamp, I will work with you to make sure your website has the right tone, style, and language for your intended audience.

Copywriting + SEO

SEO is what makes your business discoverable to people using search engines like Google. SEO is simple on the surface in that using key words strategically in your domain name, hash tags and website can enhance your SEO. However, it is complicated to explain exactly why Google puts your website above your competitors in the list of search engine results. One action that strongly increases SEO is visitors sharing your web content via their own social media. All writing services come with basic SEO. However, I can also advise you on how to maximise website SEO by improving visitor experience and through white hat tricks like backlinks.


Companies I’ve Written For

The following clients came through DAZ Social Media Management Dubai.

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The following clients came through The Balmer Agency Melbourne.

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Prices depend on length and topic of content. The following is a guide only.

500 - 800 word blogs start at $150 per blog. Bulk purchase reduces the price.

Website pages, including about us, and services start at $150.

Social media posts start at $175 per month based on 5 posts per week.

Editing, proof reading or finessing of existing work is charged at $40 per hour.

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