Meet Lizzy

Picture of Lizzy

Hi there! I am Lizzy and I am a language addict who loves to find the right way of expressing meaning and adding value through the power of words. I am British, but I haven’t lived in England for a while now. I spent eight years teaching writing in Dubai, and  I am published academically. Since 2015, I’ve split my time between Queenstown, (New Zealand) Melbourne and Singapore. Travel spurs my creative skills, and I am never too many weeks away from my next trip. I started copy writing when I moved to Singapore because I needed work that didn’t require my feet on the ground. To write copy for business all I need is a laptop and wifi and I am ready to go. If you’re a business owner looking for a writer who can ghost write as you, develop a business blog or write your web content, then have a look at my commercial page, and get in touch.

Recently, I’ve wanted to do more than write commercially. I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve kept a diary since I was a child. When I left Dubai, I sent bookshelves worth of my daily scribbling up in flames! They had served their purpose, were too heavy to drag around the world, and too embarrassing not to incinerate. Furthermore, like many people, writing a novel is on my bucket list. Whenever I meet authors, I ask them the same questions. How did you go about writing a book and how can I make it a reality for myself? The same simple answer always comes back: write, write, and write some more. So rather than fill another fifty books with scribbles that I’ll one day send up in flames, I decided to start writing here, not as a copywriter, but with my own voice – as me.

So what’s My Blog about?

Queenstown Writer Blog is about life with type 1 diabetes. I think of my diabetes not as something I have to fight or rage against, but something I have to take by the hand and lead through life. I call my diabetes ‘the monkey in my pocket’. Most of the time he is a well behaved monkey that bounces along wherever I go. Occasionally however, he gets into mischief or has an explosive outburst and I have to calm him down. He is infuriating, embarrassing, and disobedient, but I have to put up with him. On rare occasions though, he catches me off guard, reveals a wild yellow grin, and teaches me something I could never have learnt without him.

I live between Singapore and Queenstown, and I am lucky enough to visit lots of places in between. If you or someone you love has diabetes, please subscribe to my adventures around the world with a monkey in my pocket.